“Carl, I wanted to say thank you and I am grateful to you for finding me this position. It is truly the best job I have ever had and I love it. It is fun to go to work, and I can see myself here for a long time. I love my team and working for Scott. Please know that you are appreciated and that your hard work on this was worth it! ” – JG

Professional, Sincere, and Honest…

“Based on Carl’s presentation, I viewed his client as professional, sincere, and honest.” – MD
“I simply have never worked with a recruiter as effective, honest and professional as Carl.” – SB
“Carl should accept the fact that he is swimming upstream against today’s job market/recruiter trends and remain true to his personality, style and character.” – DH
“I knew I was working closer with the company by dealing with Carl. I was very pleased!” – EM
“Carl presented himself like a consultant or a closed friend – very professional and pleasant.” – RL

Responsive, Good Communicator…

“Carl was very responsive to my questions and communications throughout the process.” – CK
“Carl was always very quick to get back in touch with me regarding any questions, and he made himself available.” – SB
“Carl did a great job of describing the company and the position and keeping me engaged during a prolonged process.” – TJ
“Carl is more sincere, comfortable, and personal than other recruiters.” – DH
“Carl did a fabulous job. He was very smooth and did not pressure me in the process at all.” – NG
“Through my many years at DBM providing support to executives in job transition, I’ve learned what the best practices are by recruiters and search executives from the top tier firms. Carl Taylor exhibited the utmost in professional behavior through effective hands-on coaching and communication. I appreciated his consideration of me for an outstanding opportunity, investing time in my success, and introducing me into his world.” – MG

Trust and Intuition…

“In my previous experience with recruiters, I had been told about a company, researched it, and discovered it wasn’t as great as they were making it out to be. My immediate assumption was that if they oversold the company, they most likely were overselling the position. Based on conversations, and his intuitions, Carl quickly gained my trust. Quite honestly, Carl’s honesty and intuition are the reasons I am here today.” – SB
“Carl is the best recruiter I have encountered. He is very easy to communicate with, and he provided all of the information I needed in a personable manner.” – CK
“The fact that it engaged Carl indicates the hiring company is serious in finding the right person to fill the position. In addition, it is obvious there is a well deserved trust between the company and Carl.” – NG

Not Your Typical Recruiter…

“Carl is not your typical recruiter. He takes the time to understand the individual, then represents the firm through the perspective of the candidate.” – SB
“Working with Carl was a pleasant experience. Frequently, other recruiters have a quota, and you can tell you are just a number.” – TJ
“My previous experience with recruiters has been that they were pushy and in a hurry. Carl approached it completely opposite. Most first calls with a recruiter last about 15 seconds. My first conversation with Carl was about 15 minutes.” – SB
“Many recruiters put you through a long process – even if they are not in a real decision-making position. By using Carl the way the company did, I felt like I was working directly with the company by working with Carl.” – EM
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