More and more, companies are seeking diversity candidates for key positions within their management teams. Each organization has its reasons and/or motivations for accomplishing its diversity objectives, but the trend is in place across the country. The War for Talent has made recruiting top quality leaders who are the right fit for your company’s management positions very difficult.

The additional demand to identify and attract candidates representing ethnic and/or gender diversity adds to the challenge. The recruitment of these key positions is not an every day activity for most companies, and your future growth and success must be addressed accordingly.

About Carl J. Taylor & Co.

Carl J. Taylor & Co. is an executive search firm that specializes in identifying and attracting key leaders for companies in Dallas Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Houston as well as cities outside of Texas. Carl Taylor has over 20 years of experience working with companies in the manufacturing, construction, energy, education, financial services, and health care industries and professional services firms, including management consulting, engineering, and public accounting. Carl is also a diversity recruiter and has successfuly filled many diversity positions.

He has successfully completed search assignments in sales, marketing, operations, general management, human resources, accounting/finance, research and development, and information technology. He has also completed very difficult search assignments for new Board of Director members.

Carl has successfully completed several searches in which one of the key priorities of the clients was the identification and attraction of diversity candidates. Due to this success, these clients have returned to Carl for additional diversity searches for Board of Director and management team positions.

Your company’s need for identifying and attracting high quality management level people is not subject to economic ups and downs. Now is the time to find the people who can continue the success of your business, and Carl J. Taylor & Co. is the firm to help you achieve this objective.

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