The War for Talent has made identifying and attracting high quality executives in Fort Worth, Texas and around the country more difficult. Even in a slower business environment, it can be very difficult and frustrating for a company to find the right person to fill the critical role in your executive management team. However, it is during these soft spots in the economy that you need to be seeking that key person to upgrade your management group and/or adding the person who will help lead the growth of your company when the cycle turns up. Now is the time to distinguish your company in the marketplace when “no one is hiring.”

About Carl J. Taylor & Co.

Carl J. Taylor & Co. is an executive search firm with over 20 years of experience in providing exactly the kind of service you need to accomplish this objective. The firm has worked with companies in the manufacturing, construction, energy, education, financial services, and health care industries and professional services firms, including management consulting, engineering, and public accounting. The firm has successfully completed search assignments in sales, marketing, operations, general management, human resources, accounting/finance, research and development, and information technology. Carl Taylor has also completed very difficult searches for new Board of Director members.

If you have management needs in Fort Worth, you require an objective, thorough search of the marketplace, and you want your company to be professionally represented to candidates. Carl J. Taylor & Co. is the firm you need.

What Are Your Needs?

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