Identifying and attracting company leaders in Texas is more difficult now than ever before. Traditional sources of candidates and the sources for more junior positions are not as productive for more senior level professionals. Even during an economic downturn, finding the right person for a specific management role is a difficult process.

About Carl J. Taylor & Co.

With over 20 years of experience serving the Texas market, Carl J. Taylor & Co. has earned clients’ trust by helping them identify and attract the right talent for their executive and management positions. The firm has experience in working with companies in the manufacturing, construction, energy, education, financial services, and health care industries and professional services firms, including management consulting, engineering, and public accounting.

The firm has successfully completed search assignments in sales, marketing, operations, general management, human resources, accounting/finance, research and development, and information technology.

Now is the time to address the current and/or anticipated leadership needs in your company, and Carl J. Taylor & Co. has the experience and unique insight into the Texas market to assist you in resolving those needs.

What Are Your Needs?

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